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Good for You Ferments

The Award Winners

The Award Winners

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These three flavours have won Great taste awards in 2020, 2021 and 2022.

The Celtic Kymchi won a 1 star award in 2020. Just one of the reasons why some regard it as the best kimchi to buy in the UK with the judges comments saying "Delicately shredded vegetables, with a clean fermented aroma. This kimchi really sings. Although there’s a bold heat, the flavours are refreshing and aromatic with the ginger and garlic perfectly in balance. Wonderful"

Our Bangin' Beets won a 1 star in 2021 with a judge commenting "A pleasing looking sauerkraut with a lovely beetroot colour. A fresh and vibrant nose with beetroot and ginger notes present. The cut of the cabbage is very pleasing, delivering some crunch and an enjoyable mouthfeel. The ginger tastes fresh and vibrant and delivers some spicy notes. An enjoyable flavoured sauerkraut that delivers a really homemade flavour and texture."

Our Sea Green sauerkraut won a 2 star award in 2022 and a judge commented "This sauerkraut has an attractive and enticing appearance, finely shredded and carefully prepared with visual interest from the kale and seaweed. The aroma is clean and fresh. It has a delightful crunch with fresh ginger coming to the fore on a base of mild-flavoured sauerkraut which is ultra palate-cleansing. It is so light, easy and tasty, one immediately reaches for more. This product will appeal to people who may be a bit nervous about trying sauerkraut and is a really appealing and well-made example. We very much appreciated this well-executed sauerkraut."


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