Our Story

Our team at a pop-up stall showing off our lacto fermented vegetables Great Taste Producer badge earned by producing the best unpasteurised sauerkraut in the UK 
We (Aoife & Jon) formed Good for You Ferments in 2020. We first began growing our own food after moving to a property with a 1-acre garden in 2011. Our gluts of vegetables made us look into ways of preserving them. After making lots of chutneys, we found a method called 'lacto-fermentation'. This was an ancient way of preservation using salt and time. The results were gut friendly, pickled vegetables that we got hooked on.
So, in 2016 we decided to turn our passion into a business and started selling kimchi and sauerkraut at local markets.
Our Values
  • Great Taste
  • Top quality ingredients
  • Locally sourced
  • Plastic Free
  • Environmentally Friendly
Great taste has always been our priority. So we developed six vibrant flavours of lacto fermented vegetable including kimchi and sauerkraut to try and suit all taste buds. These flavours have been very popular and we were so happy to win Great Taste Awards in 2020, 2021 and 2022. We are now extremely proud to be 'Great Taste Producers' as we won awards 3 years in a row. This means we sell some of the best sauerkraut to buy in the UK.
We're very proud to be plastic free. Our jars are made from recyclable glass with metal lids. Our labels are made from sugar cane and are compostable. We have bespoke sized cardboard boxes for our courier service and we use paper bags for our markets.
Sourcing quality, local ingredients is really important to us. We aim to run a sustainable business and being part of the local economy has always been a priority.
GFY Ferments currently has three local farmers that grow vegetables (mostly cabbages!) for us and all are less than 50miles away. It is important that the vegetables we buy are either grown using organic or regenerative methods. So, although not 'certified organic', our growers use natural methods without chemicals. These methods increase biodiversity and are environmentally friendly.